"She is a 12 year old stoner boy trapped in the body of a hot woman." - my friend Katie aptly describing my personality.

Yeah, she said I was hot.

Fareeha is a comedian based in Brooklyn, NY by way of Virginia. She's appeared in videos featured by MTV, Funny or Die, Above Average, The Scene and other places around the world wide web. She's the host of 'SUP, a weekly open mic featuring female, queer, and gender non-conforming voices. She's the creator of Young Badmash, a part of the 2017 Riot x TBS comedy writers lab. She's a writer and actor with ToS Comedy, a group that produces digital videos & has performed live at festivals around the country. She also performs in a new show every month with the BoogieManja sketch team Neil Degrassi Tyson. She was recently named "Best Actress" for her portrayal of a teenage boy stand up comedian named Ronnie at Quickie Fest IV. 

She has a degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution which she tells people is a Political Science degree because it sounds more real. Her dad once said he's not a fan of the brand, but he did say "she's kinda funny." We out here. She also likes to draw. Peep the "artwork" page.